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The Book of Masters


The Book of Masters

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Russian family fantasy film “The Book of Masters” is the first Walt Disney release to be produced in Russia by Disney’s CIS division. It is based around a compilation of popular Russian fairy tales featuring traditional heros and villains known to generations of Russian children.

Says the director, Vadim Sokolovsky, “We tried to make a film for the whole family. It’s about what all our fairy tales are about, good winning over evil, and the main force driving us all being love.” The producers faced a challenging task combining traditional storylines with modern special effects and high tech tricks. But they are hopeful the film will be a hit and have more films in the pipeline. Says Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan, the executive producer: “Disney is planning to produce several films annually in Russia, there are quite a lot of projects in production now. “The Book of Masters”, is the first one. It’s a family movie, cheerful and good-hearted, and it meets all the Walt Disney standards.” The film was was shot on location in Minsk and in the studio in Moscow. The Book of Masters is out now in Kazakhstan and Russia. For more casting and release date information see:

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