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Iran accuses the West of nuclear 'trickery'

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Iran accuses the West of nuclear 'trickery'


Iran has accused the international community of cheating in the long-running row over its atomic ambitions. The former nuclear negotiator, now parliament president, Ali Larijani said Tehran is being tricked into giving up its stocks of uranium, which would be unacceptable.

Iran missed last night’s deadline on a deal to process its low-level uranium abroad, saying instead it would answer next week. The West still believes Tehran is secretly building nuclear weapons. It says enriching the fuel abroad would negate that, by processing it in such a way as to make it difficult to use in nuclear warheads. Tension has been building since the revelation that Iran has a second, previously-unrecognised nuclear plant near the holy city of Qom. America is Iran’s leading critic, yet ironically helped launch its nuclear programme in the 1950s. Now Tehran has several plants, and says research will continue. A UN team has flown to Iran to inspect the recently-divulged enrichment plant. The four-strong group declined to comment as they left Vienna, but are likely to spend several days in Iran.
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