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  • Russian president Putin says that Moscow’s aim is to restore political unity in Ukraine (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that the situation in Eastern Ukraine is a punitive operation led by Kiev (Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that NATO’s eastward expansion is like building a new Berlin Wall (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that foodstuff prices need to be taken care of (Reuters)
  • Russia president Putin says that the current unfavourable situation can continue for the next two years but it may improve faster (Reuters)
  • Putin:central bank and government are taking adequate measures(Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that GDP in first 10 months of the year is up by 0.6/0.7% – He says that the current economic situation is provoked by external factors (Reuters)
  • Russian president Putin says that despite turbulent financial markets, Russia’s revenues will be higher than spending (Reuters)

It required an 11th-hour intervention from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but finally, hours late, Turkey and Armenia have signed a historic peace agreement ending a century of hostility.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister and his Armenian counterpart signed the Swiss-mediated deal in Zurich alongside Clinton. The peace accord establishes diplomatic ties and opens borders. It is of international interest because it may ease tensions in other parts of south-eastern Europe and help establish oil pipelines to the West. The Turkish and Armenian parliaments must now approve the deal in the face of opposition from nationalists on both sides, and an Armenian diaspora which insists Turkey acknowledge the killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians during World War One as genocide.

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