Amazing Oceans

Jacques Perrin’s new film is a kind of ecological drama documentary about life under the ocean waves. It was filmed all over the world and is part


Airline passengers rights

Air passengers’ rights in Europe: late planes mean the airline has to feed you, cancelled flights, they have to pay you. Those are the rules, but


Markets: 9th October

European shares finished down with the financial sector one of the few bright spots. Mining companies tracked metal prices lower and gold eased


Oil demand 'to rise'

The International Energy Agency has become more upbeat about demand for oil. It has said that it now believes demand will recover at a faster


Telefonica upbeat

Telefonica, Europe’s largest phone company, has surprised the market by announcing a bigger than expected dividend despite the downturn. The


UK warned of big energy spend

Britain’s energy regulator is warning as much as 217 billion euros will need to be spent there on replacing elderly power stations and other energy


Germany exports

Exports from Germany fell in August for the first time in four months, reducing hopes of robust third quarter growth in Europe’s largest economy


Training for Armenia

Armenia and Turkey are negotiating more normal relations, including the opening up of their border, in hopes that more exchange will benefit both


Rogge re-elected as IOC chief

Jacques Rogge has been re-elected as president of the International Olympic Committee at its meeting in Copenhagen. Rogge, who faced no opposition


Obama wins Nobel peace prize

In a surpise move the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has announced this year’s award has gone to US President Barack Obama. Obama had not been