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Exhibitions: Berlin Wall/Fado

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Exhibitions: Berlin Wall/Fado

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This autumn sees the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and with it the end of an era of division and isolation in Europe. To mark the events, a photographic exhibition called “Scenes and Traces of a Fall” has opened in the Max Liebermann Haus in Berlin.

Says Minka Grutters of the executive board of the Brandenburger Tor Foundation: “Many of us have forgotten, even if we were there ourselves, what it looked like, what the mood felt like, the way people were, the way one was oneself. And photography, more than text, is memories turned into pictures.” The crumbling of the old order was documented in exhaustive detail. The city was crowded with television crews, reporters and photographers – on both sides of the Wall. Photographer Wolfgang Bellwinkel says, “I think that every single phtographer who used to deal with this issue was here in Berlin at that time. This is such an event, you catch it maybe once in your whole life, or not even that often!” The exhibition runs until the end of November. Amali Rodrigues – The Queen of Fado – was a legend in her own lifetime – and now a new exhibition of her frocks, jewels and photos is marking the 10th anniversary of her death. Fado is often defined as a musical expression of the Portuguese soul and deals with emotions connected to nostalgia and loss. It is seen as an art form in its own right in Portugal, seperate from all other types of music. Amali Rodrigues was credited with popularizing Fado across the world and her death was seen as a national tragedy. The exhibition at the Electricity Museum in Lisbon runs until the end of January.
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