US ponders Afghan strategy

The bodies of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan last weekend have arrived back home. If a recent poll is to be believed, most Americans claim they


Euro zone GDP revised down

The euro zone economy shrank more than previously thought in the second quarter of this year. In revised calculations, the EU’s statistical office


Markets: 7th October

Europeans shares finished slightly lower after two straight days of gains, but they had been in worse shape earlier in the session. Banking and


Going green in Tokyo

Japanese carmakers Honda and Toyota have unveiled the eco-friendly concept cars they will put on display at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Honda’s


Gold still glittering

Gold prices continue to rise, hitting record highs on the spot and futures markets at one stage rising above $1,048 an ounce. Traders said there


Exploring cold water corals

Deep underwater lie mysterious worlds that scientists are only now beginning to explore. Steve W Ross is US coordinator, for the Traces project at


Electric cars a step closer

In California, an electric vehicle manufacturer and a solar panel installation company have teamed up to create the world’s first electric car