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brussels bureau


  • Saviors in the Night

    “Saviors In the Night” is the true story of Marga Spiegel (played by Veronica Ferres in the film)… 06/10/09 17:44 CET



  • Australia raises interest rates

    Australia has become the first major developed nation to put up the cost of borrowing since the… 06/10/09 19:25 CET

  • IMF seeks more funds

    At its meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, the International Monetary Fund has been working on its… 06/10/09 19:25 CET

  • Rio goes for Gobi gold

    Australia’s Rio Tinto is to go ahead with a multibillion euro plan to extract copper and gold from… 06/10/09 19:25 CET


  • Genoa: International Boat Show

    At the 49th International Boat Show, held at Fiera di Genova from 3 to 11 October in Italy business… 06/10/09 17:44 CET

le mag

  • Turner Prize fireworks

    Is it art? Or is it a cash cow? A gigantic waste of money? Or just a joke? Every year the… 06/10/09 17:44 CET


  • Markets: 6th October

    European shares finished at their highest in six week – up 2.68 percent – as Australia’s interest… 06/10/09 19:25 CET

questions for europe

  • Science for Africa

    Africa is, without doubt, the continent that is furthest behind the rest of the world in terms of… 06/10/09 16:18 CET

  • Eat it, Drink it, Move it

    ‘Eat it, Drink it, Move it’ is the latest EU anti-obesity campaign slogan. What’s new in this… 06/10/09 16:17 CET

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