It's red nose day in space

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It's red nose day in space

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Canada’s Guy Laliberté is used to high jinks, and they do not come any higher than the latest escapade the Cirque du Soleil founder has embarked upon.

He has arrived at the International Space Station, but now its permanent crew has been expanded from three to six, he is likely to be the last space tourist for some time, especially as NASA is about to retire the space shuttle, further restricting space flights and the possibility to relieve ISS crews. Laliberté‘s 10 days on board have cost him over 24 million euros, a snip for a man worth over two billion, but he is in space mainly to draw attention to the importance of access to clean water on Earth. The clown wore his red nose, and when speaking to his family gave his son Anthony a ticking-off from orbit when the boy admitted he had forgotten his for the phone linkup. Laliberté will hold a two-hour webcast on October the ninth linking 14 cities around the world to promote the cause, and his One Drop Foundation.