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O'Leary on Lisbon: save kicking government for another time

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O'Leary on Lisbon: save kicking government for another time


Ryanair lowcost airline chief Michael O’Leary calls the Irish government “incompetent wasters” who he would like to see get a kicking, but said he still thought Ireland should vote ‘yes’ to the Lisbon Treaty on European Union reform.

The country’s second referendum on its ratification is to be held this Friday, yet the treaty’s fate also lies in Czech and Polish hands. Two European Parliament members outlined their presidents’ attitudes for Euronews. Hynek Fajmon, a Czech MEP in the ECR Group said: “According to the constitution it’s up to the president to sign and finish the ratification process. And if he refuses to sign the Treaty is not ratified. And his position to the Lisbon Treaty is known: he’s critical of the Lisbon Treaty, he doesn’t want this treaty, so it’s quite possible that he – as you call it – blocks the Lisbon Treaty.” Ryszard Antoni Legutko, a Polish MEP in the ECR Group said: “President Klaus is, on principle, against the Lisbon Treaty. President Kaczynckzi says he’s against bullying the Irish, that is he doesn’t want small countries, small societies, to be bullied by the powerful countries.” Campaigners for and against the Lisbon Treaty have been making their final appeals to the Irish electorate ahead of this Friday’s vote.
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