Football in shock at French fan's death in Serbia

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Football in shock at French fan's death in Serbia

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European football is in shock after a French fan died after being beaten up before a game in Serbia ten days ago. 28-year-old Brice Taton died in hospital in Belgrade. He had gone to Serbia to support his home team, Toulouse in a European match.

He suffered multiple head and chest injuries when he and other fans were attacked by Partizan Belgrade supporters in a bar on September 17th. The victims were beaten with iron bars and baseball bats. Partizan have been in trouble before: the club was thrown out of European competition two years ago when fans rioted at a match at Mostar in Bosnia. Toulouse football club has been plunged into mourning. Watching training, one fan said: “I’m really sad for the supporters and the club. There has always been violence at football, and it’s not right.” Toulouse won the Europa League match in Belgrade 3-2, but their joy at winning has been wiped out by Taton’s death.