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Cartoon Forum prize


Cartoon Forum prize

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“Please Say Something” by David O Reilly won the Cartoon d’Or award at this year’s Cartoon Forum in Norway. The director said, “One thing that’s interesting for me in 3D, in animation in general is trying to find the kind of native space for the medium, trying to use it in an honest way, not trying to cover it up and trying to get it to reference painting or reference a drawing or a reference classical animation or another style of animation. For me it shouldn’t reference anything.”

The forum is an annual meeting of people working in the European animation industry and showcased a wide variety of different work including: Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Bread by director Nick Park. His supervising animator said, “[Nick’s] little saying to us was: “thummy and funny!” – He loves to see the fingerprints, he loves to see the texture, he doesn’t like to hide the fact that we made it with our hands. He likes people to be able to see that and he likes that slightly homemade slightly rustic feel to the film.” Nick Park said, “People think ‘This is gonna be a feature film we got to do the best we can!’ so everything gets slick and smooth. Personally I don’t care for that, I’d rather have real characters than polished puppets.” Aston’s Stones by Lotta and Uzi Geffenblad tells the story of a boy who feels sorry for stones. Uzi Geffenblad said, “The book was made actually with cut outs – so it was obvious to make it as a cut out film – but the cut out is made in the computer. Before we worked with 35mm camera and a table so we just thought we transfer the same technique to the computer.” Madagascar, by Bastien Dubois, is about the island’s funeral traditions. Bastien Dubois said, “I think it’s a common desire among animators who travel – I mean they travel with a sketchpad in their hand. I went to Madagascar for one year to work on this project. I made half the film there and then I went back to Paris to finish it.” Party Animals by Merwan Chabane is about Sarah, who just can’t get into the party spirit! The director said, “The lighting in fact varies throughout the evening. There are lots of possibilities. What is interesting is that you can translate moods and feelings into colours of lighting, and that’s what I tried to do, playing with this type of lighting, making it warmer or cooler according to how the characters were feeling and then the strobe which just cuts across everything and then that becomes really interesting in terms of staging.” For more information about the Cartoon Forum see“”

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