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brussels bureau


  • Cartoon Forum prize

    “Please Say Something” by David O Reilly won the Cartoon d’Or award at this year’s Cartoon Forum… 29/09/09 18:25 CET


  • Emden in shock at shipyard sell off

    The traditional German seaport city of Emden is in a state of shock as its North Sea Dockyards… 29/09/09 19:39 CET

  • Payback time BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas has made moves to repay the French Government for its financial support during the… 29/09/09 19:39 CET



  • Swimming on the moon?

    The recent discovery of water molecules all over the lunar surface of the moon has sparked… 29/09/09 18:25 CET

le mag


questions for europe

  • Milk wars

    Under pressure from producers and several member states, EU Commissioner for Agriculture Mariann… 29/09/09 17:19 CET

  • European retail banking under scrutiny

    The financial service sector is in the sights of the European Commission. Hinden charges and opaque… 29/09/09 17:17 CET

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