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Portuguese Elections: winner's speech

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Portuguese Elections: winner's speech


Jose Socrates, the Prime Minister and leader of the winning Socialist Party has given a speech to his supporters.

In a victory speech to his party workers at the party’s headquarters, he said “My friends, tonight the Social Party has had an extraordinary and fabulous victory.” He went on to say that the people had spoken clearly – that they had again chosen the Socialist Party to govern Portugal. He thanked all the people who had voted for him, and promised to do everything to fulfill their trust in him. He said that the people’s trust had been renewed in very difficult demanding circumstances and he thanked all the party’s supporters, activists, campaigners and workers all across the country. He said thay had made the campaign “vibrate with joy”. He went on to thank the youth movement for their support and to say that he wanted to continue the project to modernise the country. He said that opening up the socialist party to others had contributed towards delivering the victory election result. He said he was proud of their campaign and that the Portuguese people had endorsed their campaign. He said the vote was a positive one for the country. He said the result was a victory for decency, for social justice, for building for the future, for a better Portugal, for a brighter future. He saluted the leaders of the opposition parties, along with the outgoing MPs and thanked them for their congratulations. He also thanked everyone who had voted, and promised to govern Portugal for everyone regardless for which party they had voted. The socialist party would govern in the interests for everyone, he vowed. He said that the election process was a proof that the Portuguese democracy was a healthy one. He then committed himself to fighting the up-coming local elections on 11th October. by Samantha David
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