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Polanski arrested over under-aged sex warrant


Polanski arrested over under-aged sex warrant

Film director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody, according to the organisers of the Zurich Film Festival.
They say he was detained when he arrived in Switzerland on Saturday, in relation to a US arrest warrant dating back to 1978.
He had been expecting a rather different reception. 
Polanski was going to collect a prize for his life’s work at the festival on Sunday night. This was to open a retrospective of his career.
Polanski was charged in the 1970s, with giving drugs and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl. 
He admitted having unlawful sex with her but said she was sexually experienced and had consented.
Still he fled the US before sentencing and has been unable to travel back ever since.
Now a citizen of France, Polanski has been trying to have the case thrown out.
It has been reported that the victim herself – a 45 year old woman now – also wants the charges dropped.
Polanski’s lawyer says he is appealing against the warrant in Switzerland.
The Swiss Federal Justice Department says he can challenge any warrant and extradition decision in the country’s Federal court.


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