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German Elections: Angela Merkel reaction

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German Elections: Angela Merkel reaction


At the CDU (Christian Democratic Union)headquarters, a jubilant Angela Merkel made a speech which was greeted by rousing applause.
She said she now had a stable majority and a new government and it was a good result for Germany.  She also thanked her supporters, voters and campaigners.  She said however, she wanted to be a Chancellor “for all Germans” so that Germany “fared better and pulled out of the crisis”.
She said that work was waiting to be done and that they shouldn’t forget that there were many problems facing the new government.  She would therefore not be partying all night but would be doing some public appearances.
She added that she would be very happy with the new (more centre-right) coalition but would seek to have the support of all parties for the new government. 
by Samantha David

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