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Gallup anticipates hot 36 hours for Germany

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Gallup anticipates hot 36 hours for Germany


Euronews: “Good evening and welcome to our special coverage on the general elections in Germany on Sunday. I am Stefan Grobe. Joining us from Brussels now is our pollster Louis de Schorlemer, from Gallup. Good evening Louis!”

Louis de Schorlemer: “Good evening Stefan.” EN: “Louis, you have been monitoring this campaign all the way through. What is the conclusion you draw at the end of this campaign?” LS: “Well there is good news: After a campaign that has been quite dry and sad, the excitement for Sunday with unknown results is quite high. A third of Germans still have not made up their minds. So the last 36 hours of this campaign will be very, very hot!” EN: “You mentioned, Louis, that this campaign has been widely regarded as boring and kind of unspiring. What are the reasons for that? After all, Germany has been just through a huge financial crisis that has affected a lot of people? LS: “Well, interestingly, Germans expect unemployment to increase in the next month. However, when we asked them about their personal situation, they do not worry about their jobs. And about 60 percent say they have not been affected by the financial crisis until now — not significantly. It looks like an entire country, media, politicians, citizens, just are in a wait-and-see mood: let’s wait still things get better!” EN: “Louis de Schorlemer live from Brussels thank you very much for your assessment. We look forward to having you again with us on Sunday for our special election coverage.” LS: “Thank you Stefan.”

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