New Ford plant for China

Car giant Ford expects to be in the black in 2011 as it makes inroads into the lucrative Chinese market with plans to construct a new plant there


New Osama Bin Laden Video

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has urged European nations to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan in an new audio tape. Posted on the Islamist


Surrogates on screen

Hard on the heels of Gerard Butler in Gamer, and Sam Worthington in Avatar comes Bruce Willis in Surrogates – a sci-fi thriller-yarn about living in


International Theatre in Lyon

The first International Theatre Festival of Lyon in France explored themes of memory, identity and resistance. Theatre companies from as far afield


Cartoon D'Or Award

David O’Reilly, an Irish born but Berlin based filmmaker, was the winner of 2009 Cartoon d’Or for best short film animation. O’Reilly’s


Israel blasts Iran at the UN

After a rare moment of unity on nuclear weapons bitter divisions have again come to the surface at the UN. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu