More violence in Honduras

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More violence in Honduras

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A supporter of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has been been shot and killed in the capital Tegucigalpa. Another death was reported from a few days ago.

The shooting took place during clashes between police and supporters of Zelaya who slipped back into Honduras this week. He has since been holed up in the Brazilian embassy. He was forced into exile by a June 28th coup and replaced by de facto leader Roberto Micheletti, a one-time Zelaya ally. On Wednesday riot police fired tear gas and dispersed thousands of Zelaya supporters marching through the city toward the Brazilian embassy. The government that has ruled the small Central American country since the overthrow of Zelaya has relaxed its curfew. This permitted residents of the capital to stock up on basic food and water. International pressure has mounted on the de facto government to allow Zelaya back into power. The leaders of the coup, backed by the country’s military, the supreme court and the congress insist Zelaya must be tried for allegedly violating the constitution.