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Millenium Film Festival gets underway


Millenium Film Festival gets underway

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The Millenium Film Festival is underway in Brussels. It is a new festival dedicated to documentaries dealing with the United Nation’s 8 Millennium Development Goals which include issues such as the environment, poverty, child mortality, and education. The festival is subtitled “Know the Other”.

Said the president of the festival, Lubomir Gueorguiev: “Documentary cinema makes a contribution in the sense that it really explores people, and subjects and can show the roots of things, the real workings behind the scenes in developing countries so it can give a real base for understanding these countries and above all, the people who live in them.” The Director of the UN Development Project office, Antonio Vigilante commented: “We have to see the faces of others. We have to know the reality that people live in Bangladesh, in Sri Lanka, in Vietnam, in Haiti, in the poorest countries. Only then we can properly give a sense which is practical and understandable for us what the Millemuium Development Goals are.” The festival opened with a screening of “It’s all True” which was made by Orson Welles in 1942 in Rio De Janeiro but which was never released – for a variety of reasons. It remains a monument to the difficulties faced by documentary makers even today. For more information see: tagURL For more information about the United Nations Development Programme see tagURL For more information about It’s All True” see tagURL
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