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Experimenta Design in Lisbon

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Experimenta Design in Lisbon

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Experimenta Design, an exhibition in Lisbon, includes all kinds of objects. But as well as the displays, the expo is also about talks and discussions and the exchange of ideas amongst designers. This year, the title is It’s About Time -the expo looks at time as a material, a resource and challenge. The title however begs the question About Time For What?

The curator, Hans Maier-Aichen, said “It’s about time to change, to change collaborations, and maybe to interrupt. Recession is very good for interruptions.” Alice Rawthorn, who led the round table discussion “Pack to the Future of Design” said “Well it’s about time for designers to start designing for the 21st century. That means addressing the needs of the other 90%, the poorest majority of the global population which is traditionally ignored. It means enabling us to live more responsibly, more sensitively, more inclusively.” Ravi Naidoo, the founder of Interactive Africa said, “It’s about time Africa took care of its challenges by utilising the skills that it has, between its ears and utilising creativity, design and innovation to solve its problems.” Paola Antonelli, the curator of the design department at the Museum of Modern Art in New York said, “It’s about time for a triple entendre. It’s about time to get responsible, for people to realise that design is much more important than they ever thought. It’s not only about a chair, but also it’s about time in the sense that design deals with time, deals with innovation, deals with making the future become the present in a comfortable way so those are the two double entendres. But if you ask me “It’s about Time for what?” I would say it’s about time for designers to lead the world.” For more information see ““
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