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Utopics stirs the public in Bienne

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Utopics stirs the public in Bienne

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Since 1954 the international sculpture exhibition in Biel, Switerland, has been an essential date for public space artworks. And you can’t get much more in your face than a machine gunner on a balcony!

“I was not aware of this, if it is like this; it has to be announced to the authorities and the police,” said a pedestrian. The police were eventually called. Fearing the worst the surrounding streets were blocked off. It was all Jérôme Leuba’s idea: “For me its the paradox of public art – it’s the question of what is art, what is real, what is false ? To what does it belong? But beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. This woman did not feel threatened: “I like it, it’s a reflection on society, our environment and it also questions my definition of what is art. It’s intriguing.” The organiser of the art exhibition came to calm down the situation: “I’m not surprised – it shows how our territory is controlled, one cannot do whatever one wants” Other pieces of art out of 50 works include a pair of black shoes near a river, some containers and a yellow pin The sculptures and installation of Swiss and international artists are spread all over the city of – you can even can find money in the street…… 1 to 5 Swiss franc coins are scattered and glued down around the square behind the train station, 500 out of 10 000 have already gone A group of young people mostly thought it was great fun, and tried to dislodge the coins by kicking them: “It’s a bit shocking that the city of Bienne is spending its money like this, “I don’t think it’s shocking but I do not think it’s particularly pretty ? What’s it for?” “There will be vandalism They will not stay there long.” The Utopics exhibition runs until the 25th of October
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