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Berlin shows off Müller's Chancellor gallery

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Berlin shows off Müller's Chancellor gallery

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Portraits of Germany’s chancellors by Konrad Rufus Müller are on display in Berlin. To take photos of the first German chancellor Konrad Adenauer the photographer just waited in front of the chancellor’s house.

“Adenauer always appeared with a walking stick, hat and umbrella or long coat, always sartorially dressed, when he passed by you had the chance to say hello Mr. Chancellor and shake hands. It was that easy to taking pictures of him,” says Müller. His only tool was an old Rolleiflex camera, and he developed the films himself. For over 40 years, Müller accompanied and closely watched those in power either at work or in private. He has snapped all eight German chancellors including Angela Merkel but the photographer was a little bit dissapointed becuase the first female chancellor had only a few minutes for the shoot; “She should be braver, the chancellor, I didn’t do her any harm, I treat everybody very seriously, I didn’t hurt her.” A selection of 60 of Konrad Rufus Müller ‘s chancellor portraits is on show at the Galerie C.O. in Berlin.
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