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3D comes of age at IFA


3D comes of age at IFA

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IFA in Berlin is the largest annual consumer electronics fair in Europe. Essentially, this is where manufacturers show off their latest gizmos and gadgets, hoping to drum up customers. And this year, perhaps as proof that the economic crisis is fading away, there was plenty of interest.

1,164 exhibitors came to IFA, filling up the exhibition space and showing off new products in all sectors. But the big story this year was 3D home cinema. To get the effect, viewers have to wear special glasses – not the old red and green ones though, these are more like sunglasses. And the effect is very convincing, immersing viewers in the film’s world. The screens on show were large – up to 103” which is not really a practical option for the average home, or the average pocket. But perhaps an enviable purchase for a club or a sports bar. Photography is also moving towards 3D and the is the first compact camera capable of taking 3D pictures and videos was demonstrated at the fair. The camera works using to lenses, much like human vision. This camera will be in the shops within the next few months but again, this new technology doesn’t come cheap – prices are expected to be around 500 euros. Another hot story at the fair was the explosion of web based TV applications. Web and TV are converging and in the next future content will be supplied the web for example. With web TV, viewers can receive TV programmes via a broadband internet connection. The advantage is obviously an unlimited choice of programmes. But of course, it’s also possible to use the TV as a computer monitor and see web pages on the large TV screen. Interaction is via a remote rather than a wireless keyboard. For more information about IFA see: tagURL
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