US jobs news mixed

Employers in the United States continued to cut jobs in August, but the pace of layoffs slowed, however the unemployment rate jumped getting closer


IFA turns on

The Germany consumer electronics trade show IFA has opened to the public in Berlin to showcase upcoming products, including even bigger flat screen


G20 finmins' goals

The G20 finance ministers and central bankers are trying to reach a consensus on how far the world economy and banking system has recovered from two


UK car sales up again

New car sales in Britain rose for a second month running in August. The figures seem to show the government’s scrappage scheme known in the UK as


'Five dead' in Chinese protests

At least five people are now known to have died in protests this week in China’s restive province of Xinjiang. Thousands of Han Chinese took to the


Irish Lisbon support teeters

Lisbon Treaty support in Ireland has dropped and the number of undecided voters has increased, but the yes are still ahead, according to the latest


Brown defends UK Afghan strategy

Under pressure as the bodies of more British military victims arrive home from Afghanistan, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has defended the UK’s mission


George Enescu music festival

The 19th biennial George Enescu International Festival and Competition, is underway in Bucharest. The event, in honour of Romania’s most famous


Gabon lockdown after riots

An uneasy calm has settled across Gabon’s capital Libreville following riots after presidential election results declared Ali Bongo the winner