Thousands mourn Kennedy in Boston

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Thousands mourn Kennedy in Boston

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Tens of thousands of Americans have continued to pay their respects to Senator Ted Kennedy, whose body is lying in state in Boston for a second day.

The John F. Kennedy library, commissioned by the late senator in memory of his older brother, stayed open until the early hours as the mourners kept coming, each with a personal message of condolence. One lady said: “We knew the Kennedy clan before I even came to this country 15 years ago, so I’m missing him but we hope we have somebody like him in Massachusetts, to represent our state.” “I have hope that his inspiration is going to make this health care thing happen on Capitol Hill right now,” said one man. Some Republican observers have warned Democrats against using the senator’s death to promote the controversial health reform that he supported. President Obama will deliver the eulogy at Kennedy’s funeral tomorrow, which will be broadcast live on euronews from 16.30 CET. He will then be buried alongside his assassinated brothers, President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, in Arlington cemetery outside Washington.