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A Prophet/Neuilly Sa Mere


A Prophet/Neuilly Sa Mere

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Two new French films have hit the screens in Belgium and France this week.

A Prophet is the controversial prison drama from French director Jacques Audiard. A young Arab is sent to prison for 6 years, but far from being rehabilitated, he fights his way to the top of the power structure inside the prison – and even commits murder – to become a Mafia kingpin. Says the director: “What interested me was treating prison as a metaphor for society at large. I mean, inside/outside in the end it’s the same thing. Which is why what he learns inside will be useful on the outside.” Leading actor Tahar Rahim says, about his character: “As for as the moral goes, I wouldn’t like to say whether he’s good or bad. But he writes his own destiny by default – by making non-choices each time. Everything he does is in spite of himself but he has this ability to learn something every time.” The film is set in the unvarnished Hell of the French prison system and deals with the architecture of power. For those who like their moralising gritty, and who can stomach lashings of screen violence interspersed with a Hamlet-style comedy ghost, the film is sure to be a hit. Prison drama fans in the UK will have to wait until January to see the movie in the local flea pit, and in the US, fans will have to wait until February. For more information see: To see the trailer go to : For the official film site go to: Neuilly Sa Mere is a smash hit in France where the story of a boy from a rough area coming to live in a posh neighbourhood seems to have tickled everyone’s fancy. When Malik goes to stay with his aunt, his life changes. He has to dress up to fit into his new posh school. He has to sit up at the table for supper. He has to watch his Ps and Qs. He’s not entirely happy but at least the area boosts a better class of eye-candy. Audiences are rolling in the aisles of French cinemas but it is perhaps unlikely that the film will make it across the Channel as the main joke (poor immigrant boy stumbling into middle class life) would perhaps not really translate into English. The film is on general release in France and Belgium For more information see To watch the trailer go to: For the official film site see
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