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Spain's Rubalcaba to visit Paris for talks on ETA

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Spain's Rubalcaba to visit Paris for talks on ETA


Spain’s interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba heads to Paris today for further talks in cooperating against the armed Basque separatist group ETA.

Intelligence sharing between French and Spanish police has yielded a string of positive results recently, with several arms dumps being found. Those seizures came after a joint Franco-Spanish police operation led to the arrest of three suspected members of ETA in the French Alpine ski resort of Le Corbier last week. The trio, included Alberto Machain Beraz, one of Madrid’s most wanted targets. In the last few days French police have raided several arms caches in forests, villages and resorts in Southern France near to the Spanish border. Most were found in remote areas buried under earth and stones Guns, detonators and explosives hidden in plastic barrels and crates were all turned up. The crackdown by French and Spanish police follows a surge in attacks by the terrorists. Last month ETA claimed responsibility for several blasts on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca, one of which killed two Spanish civil guards.
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