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Hubble documentary unveiled


Hubble documentary unveiled

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The Hubble telescope will have been beaming back spectacular images of faraway galaxies for 20 years next year. So it’s only fitting that it should be staring in its very own 3D documentary. Much of the film was shot by Nasa astronauts -in collaboration with IMAX – during space missions to service the telescope. And a preview of the documentary was recently presented by the astronauts themselves.

IMAX cameras were aboard the fifth and last servicing mission to Hubble last May and the astronauts became film directors as they chose when and what to film. They even interviewed each other as they serviced the telescope although ultimately the priority was servicing Hubble rather than making a documentary. The film is set for general release next spring and as for Hubble, it’s is hoped that the space observatory will function without glitches until 2014 when it is due to be replaced.

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