Calls for inquiry over UK torture claims

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Calls for inquiry over UK torture claims

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Britain is under increasing pressure over its alleged complicity in torture, with a parliamentary committee demanding a full independent inquiry.

In a damning report, it slams ministers for failing to answer questions properly over the UK’s role in, and alleged knowledge of, the abuse of terror suspects. Human Rights Committee Chairman, Andrew Dismore MP, said: “We are fed up that the government is not answering the allegations properly. But the report goes far beyond that. What is important, I think, first of all, is to look at the words the government use. One of the words they don’t use in denying what they do is a denial of complicity.” Britain’s Attorney General ruled there were grounds for a criminal investigation into claims by UK resident Binyam Mohamed. Now a free man, he says British authorities were complicit in his torture in Morocco before he was sent to Guantanamo Bay. Businessman Alam Ghafoor claims there are British links to his torture in the United Arab Emirates. “I’d like for the truth to come out and I would like to be told why it happened,” he said. “And I would like an apology, and I would like things to be put right.” The government maintains it has nothing to hide. But, speaking of a “disturbing number of credible allegations”, the committee says an independent probe is the only way to restore public confidence in Britain’s intelligence services.