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Hope fades for missing crew of sunken Norwegian ship

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Hope fades for missing crew of sunken Norwegian ship


Swedish rescue authorities have declared that there is no hope of finding the six crew members of a Norwegian cargo ship that sank on Friday. The crew were Russian and Ukrainian.

The 70-metre vessel, the Langeland, foundered in a heavy storm in the North Sea. Authorities said divers would go down to identify the sunken vessel. And in Norway, clean-up and containment operations continued following a spill of fuel oil which occurred when a Panama-registered vessel, the Full City, was driven aground near the town of Stromstad. About 200 tonnes – around one sixth of the vessel’s fuel complement has already leaked into the sea. Some of the oil has reached the Telemark coast, endangering wildlife and polluting beaches. 16 of the Chinese crew of the 167 metre Full City were rescued by helicopter. The remaining seven crew members, including the Captain opted to stay on board.
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