Tuesday 28th July

European shares finished sharply lower after a day of choppy trading. Indexes slumped after new figures showed a drop in US consumer confidence


EADS profit drops

EADS has reported a 23 percent drop in operating profit for the first-half of the year to 888 million euros. Cost cuts at the European aerospace


BP cuts costs further

BP says it is having to increased its cost reduction targets for this year to 2.1 billion euros. That announcement came after its second quarter


A-ha - a new album!

Norweigan man-boy pop trio “A-ha” are back with a new album “Foot of the Mountain”. They say it’s fresh and new, a throwback to their glory years


Shrink hits the screens

Kevin Spacey plays a dope-head psycho-analyst in his new film “Shrink”. His personal hygiene is sloppy and his life is a mess when – lo and behold


Macular degeneration hope

Most of us think that sight is the most important of ours senses. But many of us lose our eyesight as we grow older. So researchers are looking at


US-China talks enter second day

Top level talks between China and the US head into their second day, after opening on how and when to wind back both countries’ towering economic