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Latest surgical robots at work


Latest surgical robots at work

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In Guy’s hospital in London, surgeons are using a new state of the art machine to perform surgery such as the removal of the prostate gland of a cancer patient.

The robot’s dexterity and range of motion is far greater than the human hand, so the surgery can be extremely precise. The robot is so precise in fact, that the surgeon could in theory use the machine to peel a grape! During the operation, the surgeon is in another room at a console. S/he has a stunning 3D view of what s/he is doing as s/he manipulates the robotic instruments in this very delicate procedure. It is keyhole surgery, done through a tiny incision. The tubes which carry the surgical instruments also carry two cameras which give the surgeon a crystal clear view: 3D, high definition and magnified by ten. The results are good. Doctors say that apart from increased precision, the robot also results in reduced surgical trauma, and shorter durations of both anaesthesia and hospital stays. For more information about Guy’s Hospital see:

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