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Hoops on Swiss village

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Hoops on Swiss village

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Swiss artist Felice Varini has turned his attention to the tiny Swiss village of Vercorin with the creation of a very original modern art installation.

The creation had to be done at night. When it was dark enough, a series of mysterious circles were projected onto the traditional wooden chalets of the village. The artist said: “I’ve never worked on a village all made of wood, dark, close to nature. I think there’s a surprising relationship between the chalets, the trees and the mountains.” Next, the circles were marked out in pencil and finally traced out in aluminium foil which was painstakingly glued to the buildings. So from the terrace outside the tourist office, the lines form a series of giant hoops drawn all across the buildings of the village. But once you move from the correct viewpoint, the hoops splinter onto the architecture. Wherever you are the view of the installation is different and the forms take on their own life. For more information about Vercorin see For more information about Felice Verini see
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