Doctors allay concerns over Sarkozy's health

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Doctors allay concerns over Sarkozy's health

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Doctors have given French President Nicolas Sarkozy a clean bill of health.

He was discharged from hospital before midday, after undergoing a battery of neurological, cardiological and other tests. He was flown there on Sunday, after suffering a dizzy spell while jogging at Versailles. According to a statement from the President’s office, doctors blame Sarkozy’s faintness on the strenuousness of the jog, the heat and fatigue from his workload. While there will be no further medical treatment, the President has been ordered to take a few days off. A trip to Mont Saint Michel on Tuesday has been postponed. But he is still expected to chair a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, before going on holidays. The news of the President’s collapse made the front pages in the French papers, which often mock his frantic schedule and love of sport. Friends and party members have been urging him to slow down. But analysts say Sarkozy is unlikely to change his lifestyle. An avid jogger and keen cyclist, the results of a health check earlier in July were said to be normal. And given that there has apparently been no lasting harm from this incident, he will probably keep up the punishing pace.