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Zelaya vows return to Honduras

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Zelaya vows return to Honduras


The ousted President of Honduras says no one can stop him from returning to his country.

But weekend talks – brokered by Costa Rica’s President Arias – to try to secure a deal for Manuel Zalaya’s return, have ended in deadlock. Arias proposed Zelaya – who was ousted in a coup last month – be allowed to go back to head a government of reconciliation. But interim Honduran leader Roberto Micheletti rejected the plan, his spokesman saying: “ Imposing Zelaya is against the internal laws of Honduras and infringes on the principle of equal soverignty of the states. It is completely unacceptable.” Zelaya’s team said for now they would not continue talks with representatives of Micheletti whose presidency hasn’t been recognised by any government in the world. But the door remains open and are negotiations are set to resume on Wednesday. Meanwhile President Arias is holding separate talks with the main players in a bid to settle the on- going Honduran crisis.
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