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Pants museum opens

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Pants museum opens


Is it art or is it just….pants?

Whatever your take on the underpants museum in Brussels, Belgium…the artist hopes visitors will stop by for at least a brief visit. Artist Jan Bucquoy has persuaded politicians and celebs to hand over their unmentionables and he’s framed them for all to see. And where the famous person has declined, like Nicholas Zarkozy, M. Bucquoy has chosen an appropriate set of pants. He says: “ I was told if you are scared of someone, a teacher, or someone like that, just imagine them in their underwear. The superiority just falls away. It works. You realise this is a guy like any other.In our underwear we are all equal.” This French tourist says:” I think it will shock a few people to see a President with his pants on his head but it is just funny. I find it humorous. “ And that’s the point of the Underpants Museum, it is supposed to be a laugh and if you leave with a smile on your face the artist will be a happy man

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