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UN sanctions against North Koreans

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UN sanctions against North Koreans


The United Nations Security Council has passed sanctions against North Korean organisations and individuals for involvement in Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic missile activities.

The measures freeze assets of 5 named individuals and bodies like North Korea’s Atomic Energy Bureau. Weapons related products will also be banned from importation into North Korea. Turkish ambassador Fazli Corman said: “These sanctions are carefully targetted at only those entities and individuals responsibly for the DPRK’s balistic missile, nuclear and other WMD-related programmes. They are designed to minimise any unintended humanitarian consequences on the people of the DPRK.” The sanctions are in reponse to a nuclear test Pyongyang carried out in May. The international community is especially worried about the importation dual use items, like graphite, which could be used for weapons production. Meanwhile there is fresh speculation about the health of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il who is thought to be suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. State television has started film series of documentaries to air about the man known in North Korea as “our dear leader.”
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