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Gilbert and George take on Freaks

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Gilbert and George take on Freaks

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Eccentric British double act Gilbert and George are back with their biggest exhibition to date. “Jack Freak Pictures” tackles themes of nationhood, religion and sex. But the inspiration for the work is not that obvious. “We started in our heads with these extraordinary freakish people that were falling out of trees with three noses and four eyes,” explains Gilbert, who is originally from Italy.

The Godfathers of contemporary art then became interested in the symbolism of the Union Flag. Their new works combine this with the idea of the freak, and, as always, they range from the playful, to the sinister, to the provocative. Critics say the works bring aspects of the modern world to life.

The exhibition at both Mason’s Yard and Hoxton Galleries in East London goes on until 22nd August.

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