Apollo 11 - The Director's cut

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Apollo 11 - The Director's cut

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At last we have footage of the Apollo 11 mission worthy of such a momentous moment. NASA has released digitally-remastered footage from tapes found in Australia, and given the world a taste of what modern technology can do on the 40th anniversary of the Moon mission launch.

And there is more to come promises the man whose job it was 40 years ago to design the special cameras and make sure there would be a visual record of the incredible journey. “When they did land and everybody let out a sigh of relief, I recall a couple of minutes later people turning to me and saying ‘You know I hope this works, they’re gonna turn the camera on. There’s probably 600 or 700 million people waiting to see these first steps on the Moon’. That’s when I really understood what I was there for,” said NASA engineer Dick Nafzger. NASA’s remastering has only just begun. Thousands of feet of film still has to be restored, and when the restoration project is complete the world will at last have an archive document of one of mankind’s greatest achievements that is detailed, clear and watchable.