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Sahara desert solution to Europe's energy problems


Sahara desert solution to Europe's energy problems

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It’s been called complex and ambitious, and has even been compared to the moon landing. But Desertec could soon become a reality. It would be the largest solar power project ever and could provide up to 15% of Europe’s energy by 2050.

Hundreds of mirrors would transform solar energy into electricity and fuel a super-power grid for the whole of Europe. It’s not without its critics though. Many point to the instability of the Sahara region or to the lack of infrastructure to transport the energy, and others point to the cost: 400 billion Euros. However, developers say the project is cost-effective. “The cost of climate change will dwarf the costs of financing Desertec. And it gets more expensive the longer we wait, so that’s why we want to begin now,” said Torsten Jeworrek from the Desertec Industrial Initiative.
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