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Ban Ki-moon urges rapid deal on climate change


Ban Ki-moon urges rapid deal on climate change


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says an agreement dealing with climate change must be finalised in Copenhagen in December. Interviewed by euronews at the G8 summit, he also called on developed countries to fulfil their commitments to poorer nations and urged respect for democracy in Honduras.

euronews Developed countries are facing a critical dilemma: either injecting more money to stimulate the economy or controlling the debt burden. What is the UN Secretary-General’s advice on this? Ban Ki-moon Developed countries have responsibility first of all to address this international financial crisis with internationally coordinated stimulus packages to revive and achieve an early recovery of the international community and provide Official Development Assistance according to their commitment to Millennium Development Goals … Official Development Assistance should be continued. I was encouraged during the London G20 Summit meeting; all the leaders have reaffirmed their commitment. At the same time, they should do more as regards the well-being and the plight and challenges of the most vulnerable developing people. This is a very important moral, political imperative for them. euronews Some countries are promising a lot and not keeping their promises, so what can we expect? Ban Ki-moon That’s exactly why I wrote a letter to all G8 leaders before coming to L’Aquila, Italy, to attend this G8 summit meeting. There have been many initiatives, many commitments, particulary a Gleneagles (summit) commitment in 2005 that has not been fully implemented. I have urged the G8 leaders to implement fully the Gleneagles commitment for the development of developing countries, particularly African countries. There is at least a 20 billion dollar gap from their commitment. euronews There have been many political declarations on finalising the Doha Round. How close are we really to opening up commerce worldwide? Ban Ki-moon The Doha Round has been delayed too long. It’s unacceptably overdue, and there was a strong call and reaffirmation among G20 leaders in London last April that this Doha Round should be revived as soon as possible. I had a good discussion with the Secretary-General of the WTO, Mr Pascal Lamy, and he is now doing his best in close coordination with the key countries. I think the United States, India, and some other key countries are positively engaging in this process, therefore I expect that some time this year, not too late, this Doha Round should be resumed. euronews And Pittsburg in September? Ban Ki-moon The September Pittsburg summit meeting will be again a good oportunity for the leaders to reaffirm their commitment. Maybe after that, I expect, this (Doha Round) meeting should be resumed. euronews What kind of efforts are the United Nations making to bring China and India closer to the goals of reducing CO2? Ban Ki-moon I have been meeting all the leaders of the world. This is a global issue requiring global action through global solidarity; it’s not an issue of developed or developing countries. First of all, considering their historical responsability, developed countries should take the leadership of this; they should agree on an ambitious and bold mid-term target by 2020, and also at least a 50% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Then they should provide the necessary and sufficient financial support and technical support to developing countries so that those countries who do not have the capacity to address these consequences should be able to adapt themselves and also take mitigation actions. There have been wide-ranging discussions; I have participated in this and I have urged very bold and ambitious targets that political leaders should draw up. This is an issue affecting the whole of humanity, even the whole planet Earth. We must seal the deal in Copenhagen in December for a global agreement which can address the climate change issues in accordance with the recommendations by the scientists on the intergovernmental panel on climate change. euronews How patient can the international community be with North Korea? Ban Ki-moon The Security Council has already taken very strong action sanctioning the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), agreeing to search vessels even on the high seas when they have sufficient grounds to believe that those cargos are related to weapons of mass destruction and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials. This is a unanimous, strong message to the DPRK. All member states also have a duty to fully cooperate with this resolution, not to mention the DPRK authorities. euronews What is the position of the United Nations on recent events in Honduras? Ban Ki-moon I have made the position of the United Nations quite clear, that this is unacceptable and there should be an immediate restoration of constitutional order. I am concerned that there has been very serious controversy and even violence in Honduras. These authorities in Honduras should allow President Zelaya to return safely and assume his presidency as was mandated by the will of Honduran people through their fair and free election. This is a basic principle of democracy.

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