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G5 makes its presence felt

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G5 makes its presence felt


The G5, comprising Brazil, India, Mexico, China and South Africa, is the guest of honour at the G8 summit underway in Italy. The fact that the G5 has been given such a big role is further recognition that the problems facing the world can no longer be dealt with by an elite few.

Underlining the need for teamwork, Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva handing round football shirts before explaining how important the issue of food security was for his country. The changing climate is having a negative affect on food production. On that subject, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon was clear. “It’s the least developed countries who are the least responsible when you talk about global warming. But at the same time they are the ones who suffer the severest consequences of climate change in the world,” he said. For Euronews’ correspondant Constantino de-Miguel at the summit, the G5 is entering a new era. “The G5 has shown at L’Aquila that it is more than a spectator at G8 summits. From 2010 it will establish an autonomous entity to explain itself, to express its vision of a new world economic order,” he said.
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