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Anna Ancher celebrated

07/07/09 18:06 CET

This year is the 150 anniversary of the birth of Danish painter Anna Ancher, and the Skagens Museum in Denmark is celebrating this event with a special exhibition.

Anna Ancher was born in 1859 and because it so happened that Hans Christian Andersen was staying overnight in the house where she was born, her mother was always convinced that she would have special artistic gifts, and encouraged her to study art in Copenhagen. As an adult Anna Ancher belonged to a community of artists living and working in Skagen, where painters, writers, singers and composers formed a series of loose fellowships. She died in 1935. Ancher’s treatment of light is important in her work. In fact in many ways her studies of light, colour and composition overshadow the subjects she was painting. Many of her paintings deal with the theme of plucking feathers and although she only ever painted her father once, she painted many many portraits of her mother. The exhibition “I am Anna – A Hommage to Anna Ancher” runs until the end of August.

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