Building Guadeloupe

France is looking for ways to rebuild its overseas territory of Guadeloupe, after strong social protests there early this year. There seem to be more


Fruit and vegetable rules lifted

The red tape of “unnecessary marketing standards” has fallen — that is: no more European Union rules on fruit and vegetable size. That is one less


Koons talks Popeye

US artist Jeff Koons has opened his first solo exhibition in London’s Serpentine Gallery with a series of Popeye paintings. He says, “I always see


A new head for the IAEA

Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano has been elected to head the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. The 62 year-old Amano has


France cuts food tax

The government in France is hoping a move to cut taxes for restaurants and cafes will help boost business and create jobs. After years of


Miracle girl flies home

A 14-year-old girl who is the only known survivor of the Yemenia Air plane crash in the Indian Ocean has been flown back to Paris from Moroni, the