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Moscow gongs dished out


Moscow gongs dished out

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The prizes at the Moscow International Film Festival – the Russian equivalent of Cannes – have been awarded. During the festival more than 200 movies were shown to more than 40,000 festival-goers – much to the delight of the organisers.

Four of the most prestigious awards went to Russian films. The Golden St George went to “Pete on the Way to Heaven” by diector Nikolay Dostal. The film is a Walter Mitty-esque tale of a doomed man who pretends to be a militiaman and sets out on a tragic hunt for an escaped convict. 12 year-old Lena Kostyuk won the best actress award for her role in “Melody for a Barrel Organ” by director Kira Muratova. A pair of orphans go to the big city in search of their long-lost father. Best actor went to Vladimir Ilyn for his role as a doctor in “Ward Number Six” which is an adaption of Chekhov’s disturbing story about the head doctor who ends up committed to his own asylum. The special jury prize went to “Miracle” by Aleksander Proshkin. Best director went to Mexican Miariane Chenillo for “Five Days without Nora”. After the closing ceremony the crowd were treated to a showing of Johnny Depp’s new film “Public Enemies” by Michael Mann which is on release all across Europe this summer.
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