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Tetro in black and white


Tetro in black and white

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Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film “Tetro“ is shot entirely in black and white.  He says that “in the movie business, because television executives don’t want to show black-and-white films on television, it’s almost like a prohibition. You’re not allowed to shoot in black and white anymore. So, I felt it was right for this story and I knew I’d lose money, so to speak, or I wouldn’t make money. Not that that’s was why I made the film, so I said, ‘I’m going to do it the way I think is best. I feel that this is my second career. My rule is that I’m going to always write the story now, rather than someone who gives you a script and says, ‘Hey! We’ll hire you to do that.
“As I get older and dreams of being rich or being famous or flying around in your own jet, all that stuff, the real pleasure in life is to learn something.”
Tetro is on release in the US and Spain.

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