Israel-based radio offers voice for Iranians

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Israel-based radio offers voice for Iranians

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Giving Iranian’s a voice – that is the idea behind a Tel Aviv-based radio station broadcasting in Farsi.

Amir Shai is the owner and one of 17 presenters who are Israeli born Iranians. Originally it was set up to forge cultural links, but as the Iranian elections approached the station’s content became more political. “In the week preceeding the elections, we criticised Ahmadinejad,” said Amir Shai. “We followed all the statements he made, then last Friday our signal was blocked. They broke into our servers and for nine hours we couldn’t broadcast.” Since the security clampdown in Tehran the station’s presenters have noticed that their live phone-ins have become more popular. Callers from Iran, they say, are using the airwaves to express themselves.