CoE quarrels over leadership

Internal quarrelling marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Council of Europe, with the mandate of Terry Davis as Secretary-General having only weeks


Aquaculture expansion call

Europe needs to cultivate more fish, the ministers in charge have decided. Green groups disagree, saying aquaculture creates more problems than it


Tuesday 23rd June

European shares fluctuated through the session and finished the day at their lowest close in nearly six weeks. Investors traded cautiously as


Boeing 787 delayed again

Boeing has postponed the first test flight of its 787 Dreamliner for the fifth time. It said it needs to sort out a structural problem with the


Trade high on EU-Israel agenda

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first trip to Europe since regaining power will be dominated by talks on Iran’s post-election chaos and


Innovation Days in Lisbon

The Innovation Days Exhibition was held in Lisbon and presented around 500 new technology projects from 300 exhibitors, the vast majority of which


Aqua hit number one

Aqua – Denmark’s most successful band ever – is back after a 6-year break with a greatest hits album, three new songs and a European tour. The


Milan Fashion Week kicks off

Milan Fashion Week has kicked off with the boys leading the way. The men’s pret-a-porter shows included Gucci designer Frida Gianni who used white


Iran's presidential result upheld

The result of Iran’s disputed June 12 presidential election is to stand. The country’s top legislative body, the Guardian Council, has ruled out any