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Iranians abroad back claims of vote rigging

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Iranians abroad back claims of vote rigging


Iranians living in London have given their reaction to the election outcome back home.

Thousands of ex-pats had participated in the poll via absentee ballots, but after the results were announced around 200 complained outside the Iranian Embassy. They say they do not believe the votes had been legitimately counted. Exiled Iranian resistance groups who oppose what they call Iran’s “theocratic dictatorship” go further in their criticisms. They are alleging even the turnout figures were fabricated. Maryam Rajavi, President of the People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran, said: “According to eyewitness reports from 25,000 polling stations across Iran, the real voter turnout was 7.5 million, and more than 85 percent of eligible voters boycotted the election.” The group also says that five days before the poll some sacked Interior Ministry employees accused the government of planning to change ballots during the count. But with the absence of international election observers, verification of this is impossible.
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