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North Korea vows to enrich uranium

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North Korea vows to enrich uranium


North Korea has issued new threats to the West after being hit with fresh UN sanctions.

State media in Pyongyang quotes the foreign ministry as saying North Korea will start a programme to enrich uranium. It also says it will launch military action if the US and its allies try to isolate the country. Tension has been rising in the region in recent months, with North Korea test-firing missiles. It also defied international calls for restraint by conducting a second nuclear test on May the 25th. South Korea is among the countries who have welcomed the new UN sanctions. South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young said: “We insist that North Korea stop provocative action, return to the six-party talks as soon as possible and achieve the true meaning of denuclearisation.” The new sanctions approved by the UN Security Council bans all weapons exports from North Korea and most arms imports into the state. UN members are also authorised to inspect North Korean sea, air and land cargo.
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